Remembering Dario Pegoretti

I met the Brothers’ Pegoretti years ago.  It was Milano in the early 90’s. I vaguely recall a classical guitarist noodling away in their display booth at the expo. I was really drawn to their stand, made of flat 10/10 panels of acciaio, the stuff that the Pegoretti’s...
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Cycle Tech Review – Crisp Titanium Custom Bicycle Frames

    Bikes & Frames – Crisp Titanium Friday, May 16th, 2014     Crisp Titanium   By Duncan Moore   Crisp Titanium is Darren Crisp, an American frame builder in Italy   Cycling is full of traditions, always has been and probably always will be. Traditions such as the very...
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NAHBS – 2011, Part 3

Welcome to the party..premium beer courtesy of Sean at Vertigo Cycles. Here’s a custom Pegoretti, note the new carbon fork on these frames. These were developed in-house by Dario to exceed the standards of torsional stiffness found on typical carbon forks. Dario explains...
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